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Shop and Selling Digital Products FAQs


  • What are private label rights (PLR)? Private label rights allow you to modify, rebrand, and resell a product. You can change content, add your logo, and sell it to your customers.

  • What are master resell rights? Master resell rights let you resell the product and the resale rights to your customers. This means your customers can also resell the product under the same rights.

  • What does commercial use mean? Commercial use means using the digital product in a business setting or for business purposes, such as selling the finished product or using it in marketing materials.

  • Do I need paid access to Canva to access my designs? No, a free Canva account is sufficient to access and edit the designs provided in our vaults unless specified otherwise for certain advanced elements.

  • How do I access my digital products once I purchase them? After purchase, you will be directed to a page that lets you download a PDF with delivery information. 



Forum FAQs


  • How do I start a new discussion in the forum? Go to the relevant category, click the 'Create New Discussion' button, and fill in your topic title and details to start engaging with the community.

  • Can I reply to an existing discussion? Yes, select the discussion you want to engage with and use the reply box at the bottom of the discussion thread to add your comments.


Group FAQs


  • How do I join a group? Browse through our groups under the 'Groups' section and click 'Join Group' on the page of the group you wish to be a part of.

  • Can I participate in multiple groups? You can join and participate in as many groups as you are interested.


Challenges and Courses FAQs


  • How do I enrol in a challenge? Visit the 'Challenges' section, choose the challenge that interests you, and click 'Enroll Now' to start.

  • What do I do if I miss a challenge deadline?  Don't worry! While following the schedule is great, you can complete the challenge tasks at your own pace. Just keep progressing as you can.

  • Can I receive a certificate for completing a challenge? Upon completing a challenge you will be awarded community a community badge.

Gift Cards


  • How can I purchase a gift card? Gift cards can be purchased directly from our website. Select the amount you wish to gift and complete the purchase process. You will receive an email with the gift card details.

  • Do gift cards expire? Yes, our gift cards expire one year after purchase. 

  • Can I use more than one gift card for a purchase? Yes, you can combine multiple gift cards for a single purchase. Enter the gift card codes at checkout to apply their values to your order.

Referral Points

  • How do I earn referral points? You earn points every time someone you refer makes their first purchase. Share your unique referral link, and points will be credited to your account once the purchase is confirmed.

  • How can I use my referral points? You can use your points for discounts on future purchases. During checkout, you'll have the option to apply your points to reduce the total cost.


One-to-One Booking

  • How does the one-to-one booking system work? You can book one-to-one sessions with our experts via our website. Select the service, choose a suitable time, and make a payment to confirm your booking.

  • What if I need to cancel my one-to-one session? You can cancel or reschedule your session 24 hours before the scheduled time without penalty. 




  • How are the events delivered? All events are delivered online via Zoom. Once you register, you will receive an email with the Zoom link and further details.

  • What if I miss an event I registered for? If you miss an event, you can attend the next session. We run events weekly, so you will have numerous opportunities to participate.

  • Can I get a refund for an event I can't attend? Events are non-refundable. However, if you cannot participate, you can use your registration for any future event.


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