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Want to Make Extra Income Each Month? Here Are 7 Easy AI Digital Products You Can Sell Online

In the digital age, creating and selling products online has always been challenging, especially with the help of artificial intelligence. If you want to make extra monthly income, leveraging AI tools can simplify the process and enhance your creativity. In this blog post, we'll explore seven easy AI-powered digital products you can sell online. From ClipArt to custom photo portraits, these ideas are perfect for turning your creativity into a steady revenue stream. Let's dive in and discover how to start making money with AI digital products today!


ClipArt is a versatile product with many uses, from educational materials to holiday decorations.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Use AI Tools: Create themed ClipArt bundles using AI tools like Kittle, which offers easy design options.

  • Focus on Specific Themes: Target holidays, events, or niches to attract a dedicated audience.

  • Example: Create a Christmas-themed ClipArt bundle featuring ornaments, trees, and festive characters.

  • Need help figuring out where to start? AI tools like Kittle simplify the design process, making it easy for beginners to create professional-looking ClipArt.

Printable Checklists

Printable checklists are popular among organised individuals and niche markets looking for specific trackers.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Combine AI Tools: Use ChatGPT to generate content ideas and Canva to design the checklists.

  • Target Niche Markets: Create checklists for specific needs, such as wedding planning, fitness goals, or home organisation.

  • Example: Design a wedding planning checklist that covers all essential tasks from engagement to the big day.

Many solo entrepreneurs need help with content creation. Using ChatGPT, you can quickly generate detailed and accurate checklist content.


eBooks are an excellent way to share knowledge and expertise while generating passive income.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Content Creation: Use ChatGPT to write informative eBooks on topics you're knowledgeable about.

  • Design and Format: Utilise Canva to design the eBook layout and cover.

  • Sell as PDFs: Offer your eBooks in PDF format for easy distribution and reading.

Example: Write an eBook on digital marketing strategies for small businesses, complete with actionable tips and case studies. Writing a book can be daunting. ChatGPT can help generate content quickly, allowing you to focus on editing and design.

Printable Wall Art

Wall art is a popular decor item that can be quickly sold as digital downloads.

Steps to Get Started:

  • AI Design Tools: Use Kittle's AI to design unique, attractive wall art pieces.

  • Bundle Styles: Create bundles of complementary styles to boost sales and provide value to customers.

  • Example: Design a set of minimalist botanical prints that customers can print and frame at home.

  • Creativity blocks can hinder product creation. AI design tools like Kittle can inspire and streamline the creation process.

Video Workshops

Online education is booming, and video workshops offer valuable, engaging content to learners.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Create Content: Plan and record live or pre-recorded workshops on topics you're passionate about.

  • Edit and Upload: Use video editing software to polish your content before uploading to a platform like Teachable or Udemy.

  • Example: Create a video workshop on watercolour painting techniques with demonstrations and downloadable resources.

Many find video content creation overwhelming. Start with pre-recorded workshops to perfect your delivery and editing skills.

Colouring Pages

Colouring pages are popular with children and adults as a relaxing and creative activity.

Steps to Get Started:

  • AI Art Generation: Use MidJourney AI to generate detailed and intricate colouring pages.

  • Sell Bundles: Offer themed bundles, such as animal illustrations or mandala designs, to increase sales.

  • Example: Create a bundle of intricate mandala colouring pages for stress relief and mindfulness.

  • Creating detailed artwork can be time-consuming. MidJourney AI helps generate high-quality designs quickly.

Custom Photo Portraits

Personalised products, like custom photo portraits, have a high perceived value and make great gifts.

Steps to Get Started:

  • Transform Photos: Use MidJourney AI to transform customer photos into watercolour portraits.

  • Target-Specific Themes: Focus on popular themes like pet or house portraits.

  • Example: Offer custom watercolour pet portraits, perfect for pet owners looking to commemorate their furry friends.

Many need help with the technical aspects of art creation. AI tools like MidJourney make it easy to produce professional-quality custom portraits.

With the power of AI, creating and selling digital products online has always been challenging. Whether designing ClipArt, writing eBooks, or generating custom photo portraits, these seven ideas can help you make extra monthly income. Ready to start? Like, follow for more tips, and comment below with your product idea. Join our community forum for ongoing support and resources to help you succeed.

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