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Coaches, consultants, and trainers: Deliver top-quality content effortlessly with our DFY Ready to Teach Health Awareness Courses.


Transform Your Health Coaching Business with the "Fat 2 Fit" Health & Fitness Coaching Course 

Are you ready to elevate your health coaching business and make a lasting impact on your clients' lives? With the health and fitness industry becoming more competitive daily, standing out with top-quality content is more crucial than ever.


Struggling to create engaging health and fitness courses that resonate and retain clients? We've got you covered!


Developing comprehensive health and fitness courses from scratch can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when competing in a crowded market and maintaining high standards to stand out.


Introducing our "Fat 2 Fit" Health & Fitness Coaching Course – a complete, CANVA editable course template designed specifically for health coaches looking to elevate their service offerings. 


This ready-to-teach package includes:


  • 133 professionally designed presentation slides and a 
  • Detailed 60-page script, all customisable to reflect your brand and teaching style.


Our DFY (Done-For-You) course lets you quickly launch a high-value health awareness program that educates clients on transforming their lives. This course covers everything from debunking myths about fat to providing actionable nutrition and fitness plans.


You can edit the materials in CANVA, add your logo, and adjust the content to fit your unique approach. Plus, you can sell your courses or offer one-on-one training sessions, multiplying your revenue streams.



Content Pages Include: 


  • What You Already Know About Fat and Why It's Wrong: Challenge common misconceptions and present factual, research-backed information.
  • The 70/30 Rule: Discover the balance between diet and exercise for optimal health.
  • Eating Plan: Structured guidelines for nutritious, balanced meals.
  • Foods to Avoid: Identify which foods undermine health goals.
  • Simple Exercise Plan: Accessible workouts that anyone can incorporate.
  • The 90-Day Plan: A comprehensive program for significant lifestyle changes.
  • Mental Conditioning Secrets: Techniques to enhance mental toughness and support lifestyle changes.
  • To a Healthier Future: Strategies for maintaining health gains long-term.
  • Conclusion: Wrapping up the course with key takeaways and motivational insights.


Imagine the satisfaction and confidence you'll feel seeing your clients achieve their health goals through your enriched course content. Your reputation as a knowledgeable and dependable health coach grows with each client success story, opening doors to new opportunities and a broader client base.


Take the chance to make your mark in the health coaching industry with a course that is informative and inspiring. The course includes everything from dietary advice and simple exercise plans to mental conditioning secrets to guide your clients towards a healthier future.


Ready to transform your health coaching approach and help your clients go from "fat to fit"? Click here to access the "Fat 2 Fit" Health & Fitness Coaching Course and make a difference today!

Ready-to-Teach Health Awareness "Fat2Fit" Course | Editable in CANVA

£97.00 Regular Price
£17.00Sale Price
  • File Format:

    • Slides: Editable CANVA Template
    • Course Materials: PDF, Word Document (Downloadable and Printable)

    File License:

    • Personal Use: You can use the materials for your own training sessions and personal development courses.
    • Commercial Use: You are allowed to use the content to teach and train others in a professional setting.
    • Resale Rights: Unless you purchase the master rights, you cannot resell the course as is. You are allowed to use the content as part of your own branded training materials but not for resale as a standalone course.
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