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How to Design Viral Pins and Get Maximum Engagement


Are you ready to deliver a course in a popular and profitable niche on the upward trend? With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a goldmine for digital marketers, business coaches, trainers, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to dominate the digital marketplace. Our comprehensive bundle is designed to help you tap into this potential and build your authority online.


Who This Package Is For:


  • Digital marketers
  • Business coaches
  • Trainers
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Anyone serious about building sustainable online authority


What's Included:


30 Professionally Designed PowerPoint Slides: These engaging slides will deliver your course content effectively and captivate your audience.


1. Title Slide

2. Welcome and Introduction

3. Definition and Importance of Viral Pins

4. Course Objectives

5. Engagement Activity

6. Overview of Pinterest

7. How the Pinterest Algorithm Works

8. Key Factors Influencing the Algorithm

9. Practical Exercise

10. Module Summary and Call to Action

11. Best Practices for Creating Visually Appealing Pins

12. Choosing High-Quality Images

13. Using Effective Color Schemes

14. Selecting Readable Fonts

15. Writing Headlines that Capture Attention

16. Different Types of Compelling Headlines

17. Importance of Including Relevant Keywords

18. Techniques for Highlighting Key Phrases

19. Conducting Keyword Research

20. Writing Detailed Pin Descriptions

21. Using Hashtags Effectively

22. Incorporating Popular and Relevant Keywords

23. Using Pinterest Analytics to Track Performance

24. Key Metrics: Impressions, Saves, Clicks, Engagement Rate

25. Identifying High-Performing Pins

26. Making Data-Driven Adjustments to Your Strategy

27. Examining Successful Viral Pins

28. Extracting Best Practices

29. Applying Lessons Learned

30. Importance of Consistency in Pinning

31. Using Scheduling Tools

32. Planning Content Effectively

33. Reviewing and Adjusting Strategies

34. Staying Updated with Pinterest Trends

35. Using the Pinterest Trends Tool

36. Adapting Content to Reflect Current Trends

37. Predicting and Leveraging Future Trends

38. Recap of Key Learnings

39. Encouragement to Continue Applying Strategies

40. Invitation for Questions and Further Discussion

41. Call to Action



  • Facebook Ad Template and Mockup: 100+ Ad Templates: Examples of ads you can Swipe to promote your course.  Ad Mockup: Example mockup to visualise your ad campaign.


  • 15-Page Course Script: A detailed script to guide you through delivering the course confidently and clearly, ensuring you cover all key points.


  • 30-Page Planner: A comprehensive planner to help your students plan and implement a complete Pinterest strategy.


  • 25-page E-book: "How to Design Viral Pins for Maximum Engagement" – an in-depth guide to creating highly engaging pins.


  • 3 ChatGPT Prompts and Step-by-Step Checklists:

  - Optimise Pins for SEO

  - Create Compelling Headlines

  - Design Viral Pins


  • Lead Magnet: Infographic - 10 Secrets to Design Viral Pins for Maximum Engagement


License Information: 

  • Commercial Rights: Record and deliver the course as your own and rebrand all products under your business. It must be re-recorded or customised before resale.
  • Restriction: You may not resell this package as is.


Access Information:


  • Instant download after purchase
  • All materials in easy-to-use formats


Benefits of This Bundle:


  • Simplicity: Premade and ready to use, saving you significant time and effort.
  • Comprehensiveness: Covers all aspects of creating and selling a profitable digital product, ensuring nothing is left out.
  • Effectiveness: Designed by experts to help you attract, engage, and retain customers, leveraging proven strategies.



Reasons to Get This Bundle:


  • Build authority in the digital product niche
  • Save time with ready-made materials
  • Enhance your business offerings with high-quality content
  • Drive more sales using proven marketing strategies


Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your business and build lasting authority online. Get the "How to Design Viral Pins and Get Maximum Engagement" bundle now, save time and money, and start your journey to digital product success today!


Buy Now and Transform Your Digital Product Business!


❤️ Thank you for your support! ❤️

Ready-to-Teach "How to Design Pinterest Viral Pins" | Fully Editable

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